Welcome to Brother's Pizza & Grinders, where we have been fulfilling your craving for the freshest New York-Style Pizza, Stromboli's, Grinders, and Salads for the past 27 years.  Brother's is owned by Rudy Cordon, who has been in the pizza business for over 30 years.  Rudy resides in Clearfield with his wife, Kelly, daughters, Rachel and Maria, and son, "little" Rudy.

     As some of you may already know, at Brother's, we make our pizza dough fresh daily.  Homemade bread for all of our Grinders is also made fresh several times a day.  In keeping your good health concerns in mind, we only use fresh vegetables--never canned or frozen.  In addition, we purchase locally-harvested vegetables whenever possible. Rudy's pizza sauce is his own homemade recipe.  Our salads have evolved over the years into "healthful wonders."  Although their portion size is above the healthy limit, they are designed with your good health in mind. 

     One final important thing to remember: When choosing a pizza shop keep this in mind, "When comparing pizza prices, don't forget to compare size and quality."  Our pizzas are both bigger and better than our competitor's.

We look forward to seeing you!

Try our 12" Gluten-Free Pizza for $10.00 (Toppings are $1.50 ea).  This gluten-free shell comes in an aluminum pan with it's own spatula to avoid any cross-contamination!

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